What is otua.Connect?

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Otua Connect is what we do and how we add value to our customers. We connect you directly to the keen buyer of your pre-loved ride to fetch you a higher price compared to the traditional trade-in. Consignment selling is the new and upcoming way of selling cars in the future, over car marts in Singapore.

Many people do not have a good grasp on what consignment selling means.
1) There is no need to leave your vehicle with us
2) Both our Seller and Buyer are able to meet and negotiate on the fairest price.
3) There are really no hidden charges that pops up at the end of the deal
4) There will be a test drive indemnity form signed to protect the best interests of everyone.

Many owners would attempt to sell their vehicle on their own, hoping to save more! But in fact, there plenty of details to take note when you are trying to sell the vehicle yourself and it may not be as easy as you think!

Just a few reasons why direct sellers engage Otua to fetch a higher price for their used vehicle!

1) Consignment selling is our main business

2) We adapt a non-pushy approach and provide consultative advise to our customers

3) We have flexible loan packages and will provide 6 insurance quotes to potential buyers 

4) We filter the noises for you and reach out to you ONLY when we have a sincere buyer (Financial verification with the buyer first)

5) You are required to clear any financing on your car before you can transfer the ownership of the vehicle

6) Full set paperwork

Our sellers are guided to price their vehicles tactically to ensure that they are able to transact at the fairest price. This is where most of our efforts comes in, trying to educate our car owners that attempting to sell their car above the market value is quite often a fool’s errand; more often than not this works against the seller’s interests as it prolongs the sales process needlessly while the car continues to depreciate in both condition and financial value.

Trying to look and sell at what car dealerships are advertising are actually very inaccurate. The dealerships have to groom up the car, repair the wear and tears, pay a commission to the salesman and set a margin for the company. The actual buy in price is really low.

For our car owners, Otua.sg will advertise their car on paid classified portals or even produce a video so that they get the maximum exposure for their listing while we market them.

We have transacted over 500 vehicles and these are only made possible with a team of dedicated client advisers to manage both sides of the spectrum, assisting on all enquiries, offering a variety of financing packages, affordable insurance quotations and convenient trade-ins

For our car buyers, we always encourage a workshop inspection before a sale and we have an optional extended warranty program available for purchase so that there are no sudden financial surprises on hefty repairs for our buyers!

Check out our raving reviews here! https://www.facebook.com/otuasg/reviews

Consign with Otua and start selling with us now!

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Our Charges

Asian Continental Exotic
PARF Cars (<10 years old) $500 $800 $1,000
COE Cars $300 $500 $1,000


Our team will do the necessary verification and get in touch with you within 24 hours.