What Happens If You Get Into A Car Accident In Singapore?

What To Do In A Car Accident
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Do you know? There is an estimate of 7690 road accidents involving injuries in Singapore yearly, this means that every day there are more than 20 serious road accidents happening around the island.

Let us share with you a quick guide on what you should do if you or your loved ones are involved in a road accident. <Well first of all check if there are any injuries. A police report is only necessary if there are any injuries involved.>

1. Refrain from moving your vehicles

2. Take as many photos as you can of the damage incurred for both vehicles

3. Ensure that you have exchanged personal contact details; we suggest giving the counter-party a miss-call to ensure the contact number is valid

4. If the damages are light (small dent or just scratches), you can choose to privately settle the matter

5. Feel free to check with OTUA on the potential repair cost, even if its just a minor repair

6. Otua can also provide assistance should you decide to proceed with insurance claims

7. Not only do we handle the sales and purchase of Cars, we have a panel of professional workshops that handle insurance claims!

More interesting data:

120 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2018

Elderly pedestrians accounted for two-thirds of all pedestrian fatalities. (1 in 2 accidents involving elderly pedestrians was due to jaywalking)

Motorcyclists and pillion riders account for about 1 in 2 of overall road fatalities

73% of heavy vehicle drivers speed when traffic is light

Singapore’s road fatality rate of 2.73 per 100,000 citizens is higher than London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

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