The VEP Experience

The VEP Experience
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One of the hottest topics among Singaporean Car Owners recently is about Malaysia’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) requirements / registration. There are several articles going around on social media. Topics covered are usually about the enforcement dates, how to register and what is it about. This time round let us give you a first-hand account of what it is really like!

Our fearless editor at OTUA AUTO braved the sun, jams and queues to share our experience and challenges in obtaining the VEP. Enough about that, now let’s have our editor share his experience on obtaining the VEP, so that the rest of us will know what to expect! (PS. This is based on his own personal experience, you may have a different experience depending on the location you go to)

Picture of the causeway

After diligently registering and making an appointment via beforehand, we proceeded on the date of appointment to R&R Pandan (there are 4 locations to choose from) to get our VEP done. The appointment timing was at 10:30am, but we only reached at 10:50am, read what you want into our editor’s tardiness levels or ‘fast’ driving.

The crowd present was surprisingly fairly small, about a group of 30 cars. Please do remember to bring a lot of water to hydrate yourself as it will be hot! (There is a drink vending machine available)

The setup was pretty simple:

A. A small container office for the VEP team

B. 2 small tables forming an L shape for 3 administrative officers

C. A waiting area under a tent with 20 chairs

D. Another tent with a small table for the cars to park and where the VEP label is installed

The process was pretty quick, we arrived at 10:50am and left by 11:50am. We were lucky as being the good students, we made sure that we brought all the 5 important and compulsory set of documents required. This made the process a breeze as compared to the experience of some others. We witnessed people being rejected with no recourse for lacking any of the required documents. There were others who turned up without an appointment made and were promptly turned away.

Here’s the process we experienced:

A. A officer will check if you have the 5 documents, listed below (10 mins waiting time)

B. A Queue number will be issued to you before you proceed to wait (15 mins waiting time)

a. Your Queue number will be called a total of 3 times

i. First – Proceed to the container office and pass them your set of 5 documents, you will be asked to take a seat and wait (10 mins waiting time)

ii. Second – Proceed to the container office again and pay 10 RM (5 mins waiting time)

iii. Third – The officer will shout out your Queue number, proceed to the small table next to the tent, they will return you your set of docs and will instruct you to drive your car to the tent (10 mins waiting time)

C. The officer will enter via the passenger side and affix the label (Less than 30 seconds)

And We are done!

The 5 documents are extremely important, please do remember to bring them. We have provided a sample below:

1. VEP Tag Appointment Slip

VEP Tag Appointment Slip

2. VEP Registration Confirmation Slip

VEP Registration Confirmation Slip

3. Insurance Cover Letter (Certificate of Insurance)

Insurance Cover Letter (Certificate of Insurance)

4. “Enquire and print veh reg details” under Onemotoring to get your Vehicle Logcard

4A. Picture of Logcard

Picture of Logcard

5. Photocopy of Passport

You can also pay 2RM for a copy to be zapped at the station but it’s way easier to just get it done beforehand.

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