What is otua.Connect?

Otua Connect is what we do and how we add value to our customers. We connect you directly to the keen buyer of your pre-loved ride to fetch you a higher price compared to the traditional trade-in. Consignment selling is the new and upcoming way of selling cars in the future, over car marts in […]

Why is it important to understand the selling price of your car?

Assuming you have always meticulously and religiously maintained your car – The condition is perfect, accident-free and with servicing records to boot. Now, what about your asking price? Without a doubt, price is almost always the most important factor in car sales, and here’s why. The period of best opportunity for selling your car at […]

Different car loan packages and what they mean to you

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world to own a car. It comes to no surprise that over 95% of the 1000 deals that we have successfully transacted requires a loan. In this article, Otua Auto explores and breaks down the different types of loan packages that are available to you […]

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) Results

January 2022 – 2nd Bidding CAT A CAR UP TO 1600CC & 97KW CAT B CAR ABOVE 1600CC OR 97KW CAT C GOODS VEHICLE & BUS CAT D MOTORCYCLE CAT E OPEN-ALL EXCEPT MOTORCYCLE Quota Premium $57,898 $82,001 $43,001 $10,000 $83,911 Change $299 $4,301 $801 $311 $1,410 Quota 531 592 91 416 145 Bids Received […]