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WhatsApp has successfully built and trained a strong network of Car Experts within just 2 years. In fact, we are extremely proud of the fact that each of our Car Experts have helped transact more than 15 deals every month; which is above and beyond the industry average used car sales person.

Our team of Car Experts

Our Car experts are meticulously groomed and kept up to date with the latest car knowledge and have underwent intensive sales negotiation training. Sellers who have taken the advice of our Car Experts hold an average of 27 days to successfully find you the right buyer.

As the used car industry’s leader in sales & customer satisfaction, Car Experts can help you sell your car in the simplest, fastest and most lucrative way. Here’s how we do it.

What to expect from when Selling your Car

All our Car Experts are full-time employees of We carefully hand-pick our team members to ensure that every customer (buyer or seller) receives only the best support and experience. Our selection process includes:

  1. Auto industry experience & knowledge
  2. Technical knowledge about cars
  3. Sales or customer success experience
  4. Fun attitude

While we would not pride ourselves as a “full-fledged tech firm” like some of our competitors, we do equip our Car Experts with the latest industry knowledge, as well as software and data to ensure they give you every extra advantage available.

Supported by Otua’s comprehensive resources, they have access to in-house marketing, customer success support, Hired Purchase Specialists, Car Insurance Specialists and Auto Mechanic services. When you engage our Car Experts, you stand to enjoy these services as well.

How much do you pay for Car Experts’ service?

We are currently waiving our charges for sellers

Yes! You can enjoy the full suite of services from our team of car experts worth $500.00 (or 1% of the transaction price whichever is higher) for free now. In fact, you can get a non-obligatory Free Market Valuation here.

1. Fact-finding and consultation with car owner/s

Your sales journey with starts with us knowing more about you. During your first appointment, our Car Experts will:

  1. Get to know more about you and your needs
  2. Understand the reason for the sale of your car
  3. Understand your financial situation (any existing loan on the car? Expected cash proceeds?)
  4. Figure out the best timeline for the sale of your car (do you need to find another car before selling? When do you need to complete the transaction?)

Our car experts will also be taking this opportunity to understand your car’s current mechanical health and also provide a quick market price analysis for you to lay out their game plan in selling your car.

2. Market Price Analysis on Your Car’s Valuation

When you plan to sell your car, it is important to do some market analysis in order to fetch the best price for your car. This can prove difficult, especially if you do not have much experience or knowledge in transacting used cars yourself. This is where our professional car valuation comes in.

Our Car Expert Paul performing a visual inspection of a car

Our Car Experts will use your car condition, historical transaction prices and current market conditions to give you an unbiased valuation of your car. This allows you to know how much your car is worth today in the market.

3. Financial Calculation and Timeline Planning

Our Car Experts and loan specialists will work with you to find out how much is your current outstanding hired purchase loan on your car. This allows us to give you an estimate of how much you stand to take back after a successful transaction.

Having an outstanding loan on your car also changes the entire transaction process and journey. Our Car Experts will highlight the entire timeline of your car sales journey to you; starting from Advertising of your car to the actual handover day.

4. Photo-taking & Free Aggressive Advertising on Paid Advertising Platforms

Our Car Experts are also trained to take great photos of your car. They will help you market your car by taking professional, high-resolution photos. These photos will be used to aggressively promote your car on Singapore’s largest car advertising platforms. You stand to save more than $100 in advertising expenses by using our service.

5. Buyer profile matching

That’s not all. Our remarketing specialists will also actively promote your car to existing customers and potential buyers. We have a ready list of up to 200 qualified direct buyers at any point of time that we actively send out great deals to.

Our qualification process includes:

  • Making sure that the buyer can afford the car
  • Making sure that the buyer has the intent to purchase a car
  • Making sure that you do not get any low-ball offers

At the end of the day, we just want to make sure that you sell your car fuss-free and easy.

6. Arranging of Viewings

Our team of Car Experts are trained to hold car viewings in a professional and safe environment. Potential buyers are made to sign test-drive indemnity forms to protect you and your car from any unfortunate mishap(s) that may occur. 

Our Car Experts are trained to help you hold viewings professionally

Most importantly, the Car Experts will make sure to share all the features and benefits of your car with the buyers. Their job is to skillfully sell your car to any potential buyers.

7. Price Negotiation and Condition of Sale

Upon confirmation of interest to purchase your car, our Car Experts will also assist you in negotiating the transaction price of your car. Some sellers might find themselves too shy to negotiate your car’s transaction prices and conditions of sale, but you can be assured that your Car Expert won’t be; in fact, this is the area where they truly shine!

Negotiations can sometimes get awkward, leave it to your Car Experts to help you

All of our Car Experts are trained to navigate hard and awkward discussions about money and. In fact, the art of negotiating is one of the key skills that each of them have mastered to succeed in their career.

Also, at this stage is where you can expect buyers to offer specific conditions for the purchase of your vehicle, which includes conditions for refund of deposit, expected inspection results, check for previous car accidents and more. Your Car Expert will ensure that all conditions discussed are fair for both parties.

8. Collecting of deposit & Paperwork

Upon successful negotiations on price and conditions of sale, a nominal deposit of $500 to $5,000 will be collected to signify the intention to purchase the car. 

There are many paperwork that needs to be completed by both parties and they include:

  • Sales Agreement for Car Owner
  • Purchase Agreement for Car buyer
  • Settlement Assistance Form for Car Owner
  • Loan Application Forms for Car buyer
  • Insurance Application form for Car buyer

These are the common forms required and since every transaction is unique, your paperwork requirements might be more or less tedious to complete. No worries though, your Car Expert and our team of operations administrators will ensure that all required paperwork are professionally completed.

9. Conduct inspection of Car

Once all the paperwork is completed and the loan application is successfully applied, it’s almost time to say goodbye to your trusty ride. Most conditions of sale would include a mandatory workshop check on the condition of the car’s drivetrain and ensuring the car has no historical major accidental impact.

A 3rd party inspection is usually necessary for your buyer’s peace of mind

Some buyers might prefer the inspection of the car to be done by their preferred trusted mechanic or workshop. Again, this is where your Car Expert will be here to assist you and ensure that you and your car are treated fairly.

At this point, if there are any major kinks or defects found on your car, your Car Expert will again assist you in negotiating the terms and come to a fair compromise or agreement to complete the deal for you.

10. Handover and Get Paid Easily!

 You have finally come to the end of your Car Sales Journey with Otua. Say your final goodbyes to your beloved and trusted car and take some photos for memories sake. 

Say good bye to your car as it meets it new family will take over your car and send it for a thorough wash and grooming before handing it over to its new owner. While some of our competitors might delay your final payment due to ‘pending loan disbursement’, we believe in treating every customer fairly and transparently, so you will be paid for your car fully on the spot.

11. Dedicated Customer Success Team

Our customer success team will ensure every deal is hassle-free for you

Throughout your entire sales journey with, you will receive constant updates via WhatsApp Group Chat, supported by your Car Expert and Customer Success Team. They will be your direct point of contact and you can ask them any questions you might have.

And here’s a little infographic to summarize all that information

Engage any of Car Experts to sell your car for Free now

Let your Car Expert fulfill all your car ownership needs and walk away satisfied.


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Our Charges

Asian Continental Exotic
PARF Cars (<10 years old) $500 $800 $1,000
COE Cars $300 $500 $1,000


Our team will do the necessary verification and get in touch with you within 24 hours.