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    Free valuation report by Otua
    Free valuation report​

    Submit your details & we will drop you a message to verify them. In 30 minutes, you will receive a report detailing your car's market value.

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    Why pay for advertising yourself? will advertise your car across most of Singapore's paid classifieds & advertising platforms.

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    Viewings are assisted by a professional team​
    Car Experts Help You Sell Easier & Faster

    Viewings are assisted by our professionally trained Car Experts. They help to ensure you get the best market price for your car.

    All paperwork are meticulously handled by our team​​
    All paperwork are meticulously handled by our team​​

    We make selling your car hassle-free and fuss-free. Leave the paperwork to us.

    Get the best price for your car​​
    Get Paid Easily

    We act as a go between & verify your buyer has the financial ability to afford your car. We ensure you don't hand over the keys until payment has been submitted!

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    No hidden fees for selling your car. We provide full transfer, loan and paperwork assistance, so you can enjoy a seamless selling experience with us

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    Save hundreds of dollars instantly, as you enjoy PREMIUM ADVERTISING across Singapore’s best automotive platforms.(Including SGCarmart, Carousell Premium Account etc.)

    Frequently asked questions

    As far as listing your car online yourself, it is quite possible for a car owner to successfully find a buyer. But for most individuals, this is not advisable:
    1. You will need to invest a great deal of time in understanding the procedural requirements for transferring the vehicle.
    2. If you have any outstanding car loans, you will have to pay it yourself. In the normal course of the process, an individual buyer will not be able to take up the responsibility of paying the bank.
    3. You will be constantly bombarded by people who are trying to “low-ball” or waste your time.
    4. If the buyer has an existing car and requires trade-in, you will not be able to handle it yourself.
    The list is not exhaustive and there are many more reasons why you should employ our services.
    At OTUA, the moment you agree to let us sell your car, we have a dedicated team to help you:
    1. Generate buy leads for you (Marketing & Advertising)
    2. Filter away insincere and potential low ballers to save you time (Client advisor)
    3. Ensure all paper-work are done properly and smoothly (Support)
    4. Manage your viewing and help you sell efficiently (Sales)
    5. Inspect and take photos of your vehicle (Client Advisor)
    6. Manage your buyer’s trade-ins or if you need to sell fast (Distributor)

    Easy! Just follow this link!

    Upon submitting your information, our Client advisors will contact you within a day to answer any enquiries that you might have.

    Just like how every seller is unique, we believe that every car is also unique. And all of these information are packed and stored with LTA. We would require only the bare minimum personal information to retrieve your vehicle details before our Client Advisors are able to give you proper advise and also for us to market your car in the relevant classified portals.

    Our team of dedicated staff will start to market and advertise your car across the different classified channels and portals.

    OTUA understands that car ownership in Singapore is extremely expensive, and we would like to hopefully mitigate some of that cost.

    We will help you advertise and market your vehicle in the following portals for FREE:
    1. sgCarMart
    2. Carousell
    3. Facebook
    And more! The list is not exhaustive and we are constantly on the look out for the most effective marketing channels for our sellers.

    While it is not compulsory to follow our Client Advisors’ pricing guide for your car, we strongly recommend you to do so to have the best result.

    Most car owners do not realise that the prices they see on classified portals are not an accurate portrayal of actual transacted prices.

    Our pricing guide will take into consideration the following:
    • Current demand for your make & model
    • Your vehicle’s condition (inside and outside)
    • Market price (base on depreciation/year)
    • Your time horizon for sale
    • COE trends
    • Historical transaction price
    • Any options/extras that may come with your vehicle
    The average time taken to sell your car is around 3 (Japanese/Korean makes) to 5 (Continental makes) weeks. It might take longer for exotics and makes that are more niche.

    Many of our sellers tend to “over-valuate” their vehicles and unfortunately, this prices them out of the market. In such instances, your sale attempt will either fail or take an unpredictably long amount of time to sell.
    We strongly recommend you to follow our Client Advisor’s price guide for better success and quicker transaction times.
    Good question! We understand that most Singaporeans have an extremely busy schedule and we would not want to take you away from your Family or Career which are definitely more important than selling your car…
    Our Client Advisors are trained to sniff out potential “insincere buyers” and “low-ballers” who are out to waste your precious time. Every buyer is informed of your vehicle condition, needs and asking price before a viewing is arranged. 
    However, it still takes an average 3 to 5 viewings before a successful transaction. We are constantly improving our sales techniques and processes, and one day we truly hope to get to a stage where every viewing is a guaranteed sale… but until that day comes, we hope to seek your patience and understanding.
    It is an absolute requirement by the Land Transport Authority that any existing financing on your car must be fully settled before you are allowed to transfer the car ownership to your buyer.
    We strongly recommend that you only perform the loan settlement after the buyer receives his loan approval to avoid any potential disappointments. However, do take note that it may take your bank/financial institution up to 3 to 5 working days to update the LTA system. 
    Also note that until a successful transfer of car ownership, any car loans that the buyer have applied for the purchase will not be paid out. It is important for the seller to fully understand their finances before selling your car. No worries, our Client Advisors are trained to help you.
    Should you require any settlement assistance, we are more than happy to extend our services for a small fee.
    The following are the key events in which you will receive payment:
    1. Initial Deposit – Typically between $500 to $3000 is collected when the sales and purchase agreement is signed between you and the buyer.

    2. Down Payment – Typically between 30% to 40% of the transacted price. You will receive these amount on the day of handover.

    3. Buyer’s Loan Amount – Typically between 60% to 70% of the transacted price. You will receive the buyer’s loan amount 3 to 7 working days after successful transfer of car ownership.
    Do take note that every transaction is unique, and your sale could be simpler or more complex depending on the financial needs and situation of both buyer and seller. (Example: if you have an existing loan to settle OR buyer is paying full-cash for his purchase) Our Client advisors will be there to assist and ensure a smooth transaction between you and your buyer.

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