Here are 4 tricks dealers use to make you sell for less

4 Tricks To Make You Sell For Less

Selling your car to a dealer is by far the most common method used by Singaporeans and we can understand why. It is generally fast and saves you the hassle of paperwork. However, since dealerships have to make a profit from every deal and also run several risks associated with selling a used vehicle, they […]

Coe rising? Learn how that affects current car owners and new buyers

Rising COE And How This Affects You

Certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums continue their upward trend for the 5th consecutive time (as of 17th April 2019). Can we expect COE Premiums to continue the climb up? How will this affect you as a car owner? Is this the right time to get a new car? We will explore this topics below. 2018 […]