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    Frequently asked questions

    Rest assured you’re getting a good deal thanks to our team of car valuation specialists. We analyze every deal and include the car condition as a key consideration. And since we transact large volume of deals, we know a good deal when we see one.

    Nope! We have partnered ourselves with various financing companies and banks to provide you with a large variety of financing options to suit your needs. We could even help you apply for a loan pre-qualification too!

    Yes. Newer cars have a better resale value in general and the credit bureau score of new car buyers are better in general; people with lower credit bureau scores tend to default on loans more often.

    Singaporeans rack up about 15,000 KM per year. We are seeing a gradual drop in mileage driven by Singaporeans due to the introduction of Private Hire services as well as the ever evolving Covid-19 situation.

    In general, a yearly mileage of around 20,000 KM per year is widely accepted by most car buyers. Anything significantly higher or lower may be cause for concern.

    Mileage should not be your primary consideration. It is more important to look into a car’s maintenance history and current condition when considering a car. With proper care, most cars can expect very long lives on the road.

    There are clear benefits to buying from both. Dealership prices tend to be slightly higher, but the cars are usually ‘spruced up’ and warranties are typically provided to sweeten the deal. Direct sellers may offer a better price but you will usually be buying the car “as-is”.

    Shopping for a used car can sometimes be a sketchy experience for many. has simplified the process. Our Car Experts carefully curate every single deal to make sure you are protected from any potential pitfalls. We verify sellers, ensure effective transfer of ownership and a secure transaction process. Our Car Experts also help you find some really great deals. Learn more here.

    Otua Certified cars are lightly used models that offers tremendous value and reliability. These cars come with a complimentary warranty from If you’re shopping for a used car, Otua Certified cars may be the sweet spot between the high prices of a new car and the risk of expensive repairs for used cars.

    It ultimately comes down to personal preferences. Most buyers see used cars as a bargain as depreciation rates tend to be lower compared to a new car. Used cars offer more savings and value to buyers and with the help of our Car Experts, it’s easy to find reliable cars at a good price.

    Some dealers may add additional fees into the purchase price of your car. These are known locally as “admin fees”. Our Car Experts will make sure that all fees and charges collected are transparent and without hidden fees. In fact, we will do our best to negotiate away most of the additional fees.

    The below are common fees and charges that you will have to prepare for:
    1. LTA Transfer fee of $25.00
    2. Loan Processing Fees (subject to bank/financial institution’s discretion) between $300.00 to $1000.00
    3. charges; you can find them here