5 important car selling lessons we learnt after selling more than 500 cars in a year

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Having transacted more than 500 cars every year, we are here to share with you 5 important lessons we have learnt, to help you sell your car more efficiently.

1. A picture speaks a thousand words

There are more than 10,000 used cars available in Singapore at any one point of time. Most used car listings are given less than 2 seconds to make a lasting impression to the potential buyer. A well-taken photo not only helps you attract more potential buyers to further explore your car listing, it will also be able to properly showcase the awesome condition of your car.

Here are some tips in taking good pictures of your car:

  1. Drive it to an open area with plenty of sunlight
    1. Try not to take your photos in a multistory carpark or enclosed areas
    2. Lighting is one of the most important factor in taking great car photos
  2. Get inside the car
    1. Interiors are an important part of the driving experience but capturing them can be tricky
    2. Ideally, it is always good to take a clear shot of your dashboard and seating arrangements
    3. Remember to clear the clutter first to show buyers that your car is always kept in a clean condition
  3. Make sure the entire car is within the frame
    1. You should always have clear photos of the car front, rear, sides
    2. Avoid cropping the car in the photo as this might imply that there are blemishes or defects that you do not want to show
    3. Even if there are dents or scratches, it’s fine. Customers would appreciate your honesty and avoid the rude surprise during viewings
  4. Be on the lookout for reflections!
    1. Have a look around you and look closely at the car to see what reflects on its surface
    2. A well-groomed car is like a mirror, you want to avoid shooting with buildings or trees behind you
  5. Please take 10 external and 10 internal photos so that we can shortlist and use the best photos

First Lesson: Eye catching  photo to attract buyers to your listing.

2. Cleanliness

Ant infestations, cockroaches scurrying across the dashboard, used kleenex tissues, pieces of candy stuck on the car mat… Yup, you get the point here. We aren’t exactly cleanliness freaks but we have seen our fair share of deals lost because the car is dirty or infested with bugs. 

Having a dirty car is extremely off-putting to customers. 

Second Lesson: Always clean and wash your car before the viewing happens

3. Be polite to each other

Our client advisors are always around to facilitate and assist you in your viewings. However, there will be occasions where you will interact with the buyer or their family members and rude comments might be made about your car. 

“Wah, your car has a lot of scratches hor? The paintwork like very lousy leh”


“Are you sure this car is accident free? Just now test drive like got some noises”

Keep calm and let us handle it. More often than not, it is just a negotiation tactic the buyer uses to attempt to lower your price. Our client advisors are trained to give a neutral and objective opinion during test drives and handle buyer expectations.

Third Lesson: Being polite with each other will certainly help in the viewing process

4. Be truthful about the car condition

Most buyers will ask if the car had any accident previously or if there are any things to take note of. It is highly recommended that sellers come clean and let buyers know about any potential defects or historical accidents. In fact, this would be the best time to whip out your servicing records.

Keep in mind that there will be a test drive and a possible workshop inspection which would reveal the car condition to the buyer anyways; so there really is no reason to hide or lie about the car condition.

Fourth Lesson: Honesty is the best policy

5. Clear out your car and prepare for handover

So, after we fix the price and the day of handover, it’s time to say goodbye to your ride. Do remember to clear out your car! 

  1. Cash Card
  2. Glove compartment and any obscure/hidden compartments
  3. Boot Space
  4. Condo / Club decals
  5. Coins and umbrellas
  6. CDs or SD cards


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